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It can.  Sometimes it does not.


Dental insurance companies are businesses. Their goal (like any business) is to make money.


Every day, insurance companies find creative new loopholes to deny coverage.


When they do this to you, you are stuck with responsibility for the dentist’s bill.

If you have the option to choose between an HMO and a PPO, always choose a PPO.


A PPO gives you the option to go to any doctor out of your network. An HMO does not.


In general, with a PPO, you sometimes pay as little as 10% more.

Most people think that dental insurance is a security blanket that will cover them in a big emergency, like most other forms of insurance. It’s not.


Dental insurance is more like a coupon.


It usually will get you a discount on common services.

Whether or not you have dental insurance: Prior to treatment, speak with our financial coordinator.


This allows you to get an estimate of what your fees will be, and usually gives you many options.

If you have dental insurance, our goal is to maximize your insurance benefits so that you have the least expenses out of pocket.


We can show you what the hidden downgrade fees are in your insurance. For example, instead of a white filling – some insurances will only pay for a mercury filling (which we don’t do). Sometimes instead of white crown, they’ll only pay for a metal one.


We work hard on your behalf to maximize coverage, and we want to build a relationship with you based on communication and full transparency with regard to insurance matters.

When you ask for an estimate, we will do our best to inform you of:


  1. The total cost of your treatment.
  2. The procedure codes, so you can accurately discuss the treatment coverage with your insurance agent.
  3. The information your dental insurance company has provided us to generate your temporary “office credit”.  This is the financial amount we will allow you to delay payment of services for up to 60 days, while we wait for insurance payment.
  4. We will process billing information narrating to the insurance company why coverage should be warranted.


Note that sometimes dental insurance companies will not tell us exactly what they will or will not cover with regard to your services.


Even with a “pre-authorization” letter for your service, it is not guaranteed that your insurance company will actually pay for what they said they were going to! 


We will do our best to help you. However, given all the information above, realize that any estimate we give you is purely our best educated guess.

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