Dental Surgery in Cary, NC

What Is Surgical Dentistry? 

Surgical dentistry is a branch of dentistry that involves surgical treatment methods for preserving teeth and diagnosis and treatment of oral health issues. Our surgical dentistry services include several types of dental surgeries for correcting dental imperfections.

Surgical Dentistry Services in Cary

Surgical dentistry procedures include a variety of oral surgery services for the treatment and maintenance of your oral health. Some of our dental surgery services in Cary, NC include:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Bone grafting
  • Dental Implants

Tooth Extractions and Dental Implants

Contrary to popular belief, surgical dentistry is not all about the removal and replacement of decayed and damaged teeth. It is about restoring your youthful smile with long-lasting results, while also enhancing your appearance and confidence. You may need a surgical dentist for one or more of the following dental surgery procedures in Cory, NC.

  • Surgical tooth removal: Do you have a tooth that is heavily broken down due to cavities or fractures, then the tooth may have to be carefully removed through a specialized tooth removal procedure. If you suspect that your tooth is already heavily damaged due to tooth decay, feel free to contact us for an assessment to see if a tooth extraction in Cary, NC, may be needed.
  • Gum disease treatment: There are occasions where significant gum disease may require specialized surgical procedures. Oral gum disease that affects the bone structure may require an extraction. Dental implants and bone grafting may be recommended to replace the weakened bones to preserve your jaw bone and appearance as well.
  • Dental trauma treatment: If you suffer any trauma to your mouth, you may need surgical dentistry to repair the damage. This might include extracting teeth that are too damaged to be fixed or placing dental implants to replace teeth that were knocked out or extracted..  
  • Crowding in the mouth: In some cases, extractions are necessary prior to orthodontic treatment if the teeth are overly crowded. Removing a tooth or teeth allows orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth effectively and provide you with the best result. We provide orthodontic treatments in Cary, NC, using discreet clear aligners, so you experience a comfortable treatment while straightening your smile without the need for traditional metal braces.
  • Surgical Guided Dental Implants:  Dental implants in Cary, NC, are permanent tooth replacements for missing and damaged teeth. They eliminate the need for dentures or bridges that often need to be replaced. We provide dental implants in a way that matches your natural teeth.


    At Nathaniel Leedy, DMD Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer surgical guided dental implants. Dr. Leedy uses a custom surgical guide for more precise placement of your implants. The entire process is precalculated, digitized, and customized based on scans of your mouth, so there is no guesswork. The process is quick, efficient, and precise.


    Our office utilizes advanced tools such as the 3D Cone Beam X-ray for digital visualization of all areas of your mouth for precise placement of implants. We use our TRIOS 3 Digital Scanner, which makes accurate digital impressions of your teeth, to make an exact implant abutment. This ensures you can get an implant that fits perfectly and assumes the exact shape and size of your tooth. These tools are advanced and are the latest technology in dental practice so they’re faster and more efficient. 
  • Bone Grafting: Bone grafting is a specialized surgical dentistry procedure that uses transplanted bone to repair diseased or damaged bone. Bone grafting may also be necessary when a patient does not have sufficient bone structure to support a dental implant. This deteriorating bone structure may be caused by missing teeth, gum disease, and sometimes trauma.

    Do you have one or more missing teeth? Then you may need a bone graft in Cary, NC if you’re considering having an implant. Dr. Leedy uses platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) to improve healing and results when bone grafts are necessary to hold the dental implant.

Surgical Dentistry Benefits 

There are many benefits associated with dental surgery beyond the removal of diseased and painful teeth.

  • Avoid permanent damage: When oral health issues, such as crowded teeth, tooth decay, and gum disease, are left untreated, permanent damage can occur. This leads to the need for more expensive and extensive dental work in the future. Surgical dentistry ensures that dental problems are treated early in order to avoid costly cosmetic surgery procedures.
  • Prevent tooth loss: Surgical dentistry ensures that tooth decay or damage is quickly and appropriately treated to prevent the loss of natural teeth.
  • Restore your smile: Surgical dentistry treatments can be used with cosmetic, restorative, and orthodontic dental treatments to give you a complete smile makeover. It addresses gaps, discolorations, and unsightly teeth for a more beautiful smile.

Cost of Dental Surgery in Cary, NC

The cost of surgical dentistry will vary based on what procedures you need to undergo. Our dental office will provide you with dental treatment options that are tailored to your individual needs. If you have dental insurance, we will discuss how much your insurance plan will cover, and file accordingly. For patients without dental insurance, we can discuss payment plans so your treatments are still affordable. Feel free to contact our team to discuss payment plans which are convenient for your dental health.

In Need of a Surgical Dentist?

Visiting the dentist is not as stressful as you think, especially when you have to decide your candidacy for surgical dentistry. If you are in need of a surgical dentist in Cary, Dr. Leedy and his team will work to make you as comfortable as possible by providing efficient and individualized treatments. Contact Dr. Leedy and our dental team today, and let us preserve your beautiful smile.

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